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Jeffrey Tan and I share not only just the same first name, but also the passion for collecting high-end exotic fishes. I have been invited to view his personal collection of discus and I was awed by his research in the breeding of various discus strains. In my years of travelling and visiting discus farms, Jeffrey is by far the discus breeder who owns the largest discus gene pool that I personally know of. Some of the discus in his collection looks unassuming, however when it was revealed to me on the genetic crossing of the fish, I began to realise the potential of the fish and the possibility of deriving exciting new strains of discus with further selective cross breeding or line breeding of the offsprings. I truly admire this man, not just for his stature as an International Judge and the President of the Discus Society Malaysia, but also for his tireless dedication towards promoting Malaysian discus and his discus breeding research programme.

Mr Ung, a close personal friend of mine, has been a pet lover since young. He has kept and bred a good variety of pets in the past, but it was only when he stumbled upon discus in year 1995 and took a deep interest in it soon after that he decided to make a business career out of discus breeding. From a humble beginning of 2 tanks, fuelled by passion, his business grew from strength to strength. He has approximately 200 tanks now and his discus is very well received in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mr Ung has a strong affinity towards the solid colour discus strain. Made famous by his Red Golden Diamond, Mr Ung Seng Lip is now a well respected figure amongst the breeders in Asia for his continuous dedication in creating new strains and setting new standards in Solid Colour discus strain. His latest creation includes the Albino Red Golden Diamond, the Albino Pearl Diamond, and the Albino Red White and Albino Yellow White.


Just before the turn of the millennium in 1999, Mr Lim Pei Hao was encouraged by his uncle, Mr. Lee Koon Yen who is already gained world wide recognition for his Super Ocean Green, to have a try at discus breeding. With support from his uncle, Mr Lim took up the challenge and quickly proved himself to be a natural talent in discus rearing. When the Penang Eruption, a Leopard SnakeSkin trade name given by Mr Lee Koon Yen for his strain, made it to the top of the discus shopping list, Mr Lim Pei Hao made a mark for himself by taking it one step further and produced the Penang Super Eruption. This strain stunned many hobbyist and breeders alike with its beauty as the spots of Leopard Snakeskin covers not only the entire body but extended all the way into the gill cover, inner operculum, forehead, and for some selected specimen, up to the lips of the fish itself!

I am both excited and happy to announce the business synergy between and Atlas Aquarium. Atlas Aquarium is one of the most established and leading exporter of Tropical and Marine livestock in Singapore . Through this synergy we are able to compliment each other and offer our customers a wider of portfolio of products to meet our customers’ increasing demand and need. For more information on the products offered by Atlas Aquarium, please visit the following site

King Kong Arowana is a brand name that needs no further introduction. Being one of the pioneers in Malayan Gold Crossback Arowana breeding, King Kong Arowana farm has over the years produced some most stunning looking crossback arowanas. Their renowned lineages of Pahang Gold and Platinum Crossbacks have earned their places in the private collection in some of the most serious collectors in the world. Well known for its high gold intensity and purity of the crossback lineage, King Kong arowanas are very much sought after in countries like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore .

Dale is a young, talented and enterprising hobbyist-turned-breeder who is fast gaining recognition in the discus arena. In my years of interacting with discus hobbyist and professional breeders, I have not come across someone who is more talented and always brimming full of enthusiasm. Equipped with his immense discus genetic knowledge and an inquisitive mind, Dale has consistently proved to himself and everyone around him that he too is able to produce new strains and beat some of the most renowned commercial breeders in their very own game. Some of Dale’s latest creations include the Albino Leopard Snakeskin and the Albino Blue Diamond. Dale, an up-and-coming rising star, attributes his success and achievements to his much-valued personal friend and mentor, Mr Ung Seng Lip.

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